MPV – The leading company offers
Supply Chain Financing Services to Vietnamese market

Since 1997, Mirae Asset has grown based on its competitiveness, securing an edge in each of its businesses, including global investment management, investment banking, wealth management, life insurance and venture capital.

Established in 2019, VINA Digital Finance Platform Co., Ltd (MPV) is one of the first companies offering Supply Chain Financing Services to the Vietnamese market. Our primary goal is to provide a flexible finance solution to all suppliers of High-creditworthy Buyers.

Vision & Mission

Our objective is to become the leading company providing comprehensive solutions in working capital management to Vietnamese market. We always pursue excellence in service management and permanent innovation to help our clients achieve their objectives with utmost satisfaction.

Business Philosophy

Permanent Innovator with a long-term vision and customer-centricity. We always value our people and embrace future with an open mind.