Our target clients are all size of companies with working capital needs, regardless operation duration, from start-ups to established companies up to 100 billions in the annual sales. Most of our approaching clients are categorized in the following types::

  • Companies with stable or increasing revenues that need working capital for growth.
  • Established companies with recent history of unprofitable operations, but with a good plan for turnaround.
  • Companies needing working capital)
  • Companies with established track records and good balance sheets that may have an opportunity for continuous growth; however, funding requirements don’t meet bank criteria.
  • Companies with a high concentration in quarterly accounts receivable, in need of temporary financing.

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Benefits for Clients to join and use Platform Service

  • Build Symbiotic Relationships
    With Buyer
  • Simplified and Digitalized
    Document and Payment Process
  • Fast and convenience with
    a click of button
    [Payment within 24hrs]
  • Competitive rate,,
    finance up to 90% of
    A/R value
  • Optimize Working Capital
    without Debt increase
    (No CIC record)
  • Reduce Days Sales
    TOutstanding to meet new
    order and expand Business
  • NO Financial Credit Check.
    Any size of SMEs
  • Alternative to Bank
    Loan without Collateral