Supply Chain Financing Service of MPV enables Suppliers to access short - term funding conveniently at competitive rate by transferring the ownership of account receivables (“A/R”) of Credit worthy Buyer to a Funder. Innovation driven by a set of digitalized solutions for Supplier to get fast access to cash just by a click of button

Priority Short-term Bank Loan(Secured with Collateral) Short-term Bank Loan(Unsecured) Product
Requirement of Paperwork
  • Latest 03 years Financial Statement
  • Legal Documents
  • Business Operation Assessment
  • Latest 02 years Financial Statement
  • Business Legal Document
  • Business Operation Assessment
  • No Requirement for Financial Statement
  • No Assessment on Business Operation.
Contract Signing Hard copy with Sign & Seal Hard copy with Sign & Seal Online Digital Sign
Approval Process
  • Appraisal to grant Limit
  • Detailed appraisal on each disbursement
  • Appraisal to grant Limit
  • Detailed appraisal on each disbursement
  • Granted Limit without Appraisal.
  • Transaction Assessment for each Payment
Speed to Appraisal Weeks/Month Weeks/Month Hours/Day
Collateral Requirement Required Personal Guarantee Not Necessary
Business Profitability Last 1 year Last 1 year Not Necessary
CIC Requirement Type 1 Type 1 Not Necessary
Seeding Usage Control Always Always Not Necessary
Funding Rate Floating Floating Fixed for 1 year
Account of Payment Third party Account Third party Account Direct to Client
Speed to Funding 1 - 2 Week(s) 3 - 5 Days 12 - 24 Hours
Post Control Required Required Not Necessary
Financial Statement Record Increase Short-term loan Increase Short-term loan Not affect Liabilities
CIC Record Increase loan in CIC report Increase loan in CIC report Not affect CIC report