VINA Digital Finance Platform Co., Ltd (MPV) is the one of first companies offering Account Receivable (“A/R”) Financing Services to Vietnamese market. Established in 2019 and backed by reputable Financial Group – Mirae Asset Group, our primary goal is become to be the No.1 in A/R Financing Service in Vietnam and provide a flexible finance solution to all type of suppliers of High worthy credit Buyers.

MPV does not hold a banking license and does not operate as a bank. We enable Suppliers to access Short-term funding conveniently at Competitive rate by trading the A/R recognized from Credit worthy Buyer, as well as Suppliers needing top-ups for growth related funding.

Unlike banks that have many requirements to apply for a loan, our application process is very simple, with simplified documents to apply and approval time within 24 working hours. All companies are welcome to apply for A/R trading regardless of the size of your business

We offer the opportunities for Corporate Partners to strengthen the relationship with their Suppliers, extend days payable outstanding for future Funder impression and optimize solution for short-term cash management.

Clients may also get competitive rate and finance up to 90% of A/R value as compared to some non-banking financial intermediaries in the market. And we do not require the financial credit check (with any size of SMEs) and collateral on average approval time within 24 hours. We understand the financial needs of a growing business and specially cater to and support them through our platform

Only registered Corporate Partners & Clients can access to MPV Platform.

In Vietnam, MPV is closely aligning its operations to the standards of the State Bank of Vietnam while enabling Clients to receive quick access to capital, and Corporate Partners access to effective cash management solution.

All corporates can be our partners. We always want to cooperate and develop with the leading reputable companies in Vietnam. If you have demand, please contact us or register here, our advisor will contact you in the soonest time.

No. You will not pay any fee in the whole cooperation time with MPV.

There are 3 steps to on-boarding.

- Step 1: We will set up a meeting to introduce the service and support you to prepare the required on-boarding documents;.

- Step 2: Partner supplies required documents and registers account of Transaction Representative on Platform;.

- Step 3: Partner & MPV sign the Coordination Agreement digitally or manually.

After on-boarding, you will upload your Supplier and Payable (A/R) information on Platform. If any your Supplier joins and applies for trading, you can have a discount from MPV (discount promotion will be released as MPV policies).

Based on your Supplier & A/R information, we will approach and offer them the A/R Trading Service. It means that they can sell the A/R to us and receive the early payment before Maturity with a discount amount.

If you make late payment to your Supplier, we will activate our Recourse Right with the purchased A/R(s). Your Suppliers must return the payment amount with the penal interest and collection cost (if any) in proportion to number of late payment date.

We conduct thorough assessment on the client’s legal information, purchasing contract and your recognition but please note that complete prevention of fraud is not possible.

You must be a registered business in Vietnam, have a Business tax ID, and is a Supplier of at least 1 MPV’s Corporate Partner.

MPV offer A/R Financing Service with competitive rate, finance up to 90% of A/R value. We may offer other services in the future and will notice you soon.

That will depend on your requirements and our assessment. For A/R Financing, you can typically get up to 90% of the A/R value up front.

Firstly, you must register account on A/R Trading Platform and supply the following documents to on-boarding:.

- Enterprise Registration Certificate

- Company Charter

- Legal Representative’s ID Card

- KYC Form

Once your account has been registered, you can find all your A/R information updated on Platform by Buyer. To apply A/R trading, you must digital sign a Debt Purchasing Master Contract with MPV and Encashment Contract with Designated Bank. Other additional documents may be required upon request

There are 4 steps of A/R trading application.

- Step 1: Client select A/R(s) and upload relevant documents (scan copy of invoice, Good Purchasing Contract, …) on Platform;

- Step 2: MPV review and check application;

- Step 3: Client & MPV sign transaction digitally;

- Step 4: MPV make payment to Client’s Designated Bank Account

It is a Client’s bank account designated by MPV for receiving payment of the A/R trading transaction from MPV; and A/R value from the Buyer at Maturity. Client, MPV and Designated Bank must sign a tripartite contract (“Encashment Contract”) before application. Now, MPV Service has been available in almost popular banks: BIDV, Vietcombank, Vietinbank, ACB, ….

Yes. MPV will charge the discount amount counted on the remaining days of your A/R and transaction cost for collateral registration. The discount rate and transaction cost depend on your Buyer assessment.

Typically, within 24 hours of our team getting all required documents and information; and ascertaining that the application meets the credit risk criteria.

After your application is approved and completed digital signing, payment will be made to your Designated Bank Account within 2-3 hours.

If Buyer makes late payment, we will activate our Recourse Right with the sold A/R(s). You must return the payment amount to MPV with the penal interest and collection cost (if any) in proportion to number of late payment date. For recovery efforts, we may engage debt collectors and initiate legal proceedings. Nonetheless, we really do hope it does not come to this.

At Maturity, Designated Bank block the collection amount as MPV required. After Buyer pays and collection is completed, you can get the residual payment in your account immediately.

No. We will not check your collateral. In some case, we will require the original copy of invoices and Goods Purchasing Contract.


If you have other questions, please input here, we will feedback in the soonest time